How to Bring Christianity Into Your Short Stories

Creating a narrative that conveys a moving message and bringing a biblical stance to a given topic can be a real challenge. Today we explore the three ways we can apply Christianity to a short story and make a positive impact. 

Write With Inspiration

The first step is to spend time in prayer to obtain guidance as to where that particular creative piece should go or if you should continue writing it in the first place. Another way we can be inspired is through God’s Word — the bible. Within the scriptures, many stories and parables can be implemented into your short stories or used to convey a message that may help someone on their walk with the Lord. 

Create Your Message

One sure way of helping your audience to understand the bible is to create a theme or message surrounding a particular portion of scripture and use those scriptures as a foundation to develop characters that can carry the story.

Use Biblical Characters

Don’t be afraid to use the biblical characters in your story, as it can be quite the task for some personalities noted in the bible due to the little information provided. Regardless of how much information you can gather about the biblical characters, they should each be used within your story to convey the message correctly and accurately to your audience. 

© Roderick Lukenge

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