Take me back
To my growing days,
When we believed
belu belu would deliver a message,
When we woke up
To the howling melody
Of the strong harmattan wind;
To the days of
shekeleke give me white finger
The song we sung,
In unison, with glee
I remember the days,
of Jos Main Market
of Jos Wildlife Park
of Solomon Lar Amusement Park
And Old Zoo
The days when,
5 Naira could get us biscuits
And 15 Naira could get us Coca-Cola
Days when we would choreograph
To Master of the Universe
By Panam Percy Paul..
When we played in the rain,
And gathered hailstone with friends
In a cup…
I remember days of cassette players,
of VHS and DVD players,
of renting movies from the barbershop nearby…
As I ponder of days gone by,
I will relish in the present
And pray the future is better…

(c) Chukwudi I.

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