What Does The Bible Say About Relationships?

The bible shares a number of tips on how we should go about our relationships and what type of people we must stay on guard against. Today we explore the few things to consider before starting a relationship.

Put Christ First

Spending time with the Lord should not end or slow down once we are with a partner. Instead, our relationship with God should grow considerably, yet we tend to backslide or even walk away due to heartbreak or after idolising the person we thought God brought on our path. Observe yourself and recognise if you have placed God low on the priority list. However, if you are in this situation, perhaps it’s time to make some necessary adjustments.

Lust Vs Love

Purity is delicate. The love you give out to the world is rare, but when we dive into the hands of lust, then both of these qualities can be soiled and affect us spiritually and emotionally. Keep your eyes open and watch where your relationship is going and if it aligns with 1 Corinthians 13:4-7. Make sure you are in a genuine relationship that glorifies God and not a counterfeit that will cause you to walk away from Him.

Positive Associations

Don’t ignore the red flags. Red flags are warning signs that you’re not in the right environment. Before taking the next step in your relationship, consider how the person is treating you first. When God brings someone into your life, it is to help or build you up in your walk of faith or support your relationship with Him. However, Satan can also introduce people on our path to distract or stifle our growth. Therefore, pause for a moment to see who’s building you up or knocking you down.

© Roderick Lukenge

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