Breaking Free From an Offence

Transgressions can create in us an ever-growing perception of bitterness and unforgiveness toward people who choose to do us wrong. Today we look into the matter from a biblical perspective and see what we as believers can do in these trying situations.

Forgive The Offence

Taking the first step into forgiveness is the most challenging part of the process, especially with all the high tension brought on the scene and all the heavy emotions in the air expressed either privately or publicly. Remember, as a believer, you are the light of this world, and as that light, we should respond differently.

Make Peace With Them

Naturally, the idea of making peace is seen as a weakness or may cause us to feel like we are giving in or allowing the other person to win over us. Reconciliation helps us see what we are going through from a different perspective: how God views the other person and how we should treat them as a response to this newfound information.

Show Love To them

Our offences may cause us to become bitter; this can result in us using violent verbal as an attack toward the other person, leading to words that we cannot later take back or damage them for the long term. Break yourself free from this horrible cycle of verbal onslaught and choose to show love to those who have hurt you.

Leave it in the Past

We may not be able to prevent the thoughts that come to us on day by day basis, but we can give life to them through voicing them into our world or acting upon them. Perhaps you need to make time to detox your thought life and make an audit on the thoughts you’re currently acting on.

Take it Slow

We live in an instant society, where we want things done quickly and swiftly as possible. That cannot be said when we are dealing with emotional hurt or mental bruises. Go through the process in your own pace, adhering to the Lord’s leading and holding firm to the peace He alone can give you

© Roderick Lukenge

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