Staying True to Yourself

In every individual there is this desire to fit into a particular group with a undwidling persistence to please them even at the stake of our own well-being. At times we may take it further by  ignoring the toxic signs those groups of people show or how quick they are to drive us away from what truly matters in life.

Alternatively you may feel too afraid to take the first step toward meeting new people or detaching yourself from a group in fear of being judged/misunderstood.

Whichever situation you are in, you must be aware of the uncertainty that comes with pleasing other people or wanting to gain their approval, as this will over time feel like a trap as described in our main scripture for today.  Approval from people is fickle but when we are approved by God  it is forever set in stone as we know from the bible He never changes.  We can only find true safety and assurance by placing our trust in the Lord and choosing to please Him with our actions, words and thoughts rather than devoting ourselves to those around us. 

© Roderick

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