mix minimalistic in one hand and monochromatic lover in the other and you get the world like no other.

Initially, my creative background stemmed from Fine Art. I loved the use of mediums and how expressive it is as a subject. Artists that influenced me were Jenny Saville and Caravaggio as well as the style of Kathe Kollwitz; the range of mark makings, distinct colours and contrasts. The topics that they exhibit in their work just inspired me even more. I love to express myself and feel trapped in restricted boxes or when I can’t put my stamp on things. Fortunately, during the sixth form, I was able to do whatever I want in a given theme and explore it in different visual ways. Unlike others, my background did not actually go through the Graphic Design route, until recently.

During my discovery, I began to understand the way my mind thinks and what it is drawn to. For instance, in most of my projects, I was attracted to things with strong contrasts, black and white images or layouts as well as shapes and bold colours usually 3 or 4. As well as the use of tracing paper. But even with it, I still don’t count it as Graphic Design and probably explains why I have challenges with the subject. As I feel that I am just in the middle and not entirely sure of what path I actually want to pursue or that if I am just drawn to Graphic Designs more for the effects it has on people than the actual process. As I did enjoy learning about others and this was clear after studying psychology in A levels. And wondered if there was a way to merge all 3 aspects into one. That I honestly do not know.

Tate Modern

Kathe Kollwitz

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