Team working


We were assigned two tasks – the first being to create a mind map of the good and bad of 2017. This had to include image and text as well as, things that could be personal or general. The first image was the final result. The teacher picked the group itself. This made it interesting as I worked with 2 animators and one illustrator and I enjoyed the creativity they brought and how were able to agree on things and no idea was pushed out. And we also had a mindset of putting down as much in any way that felt appropriate by us. There was guidance here and there when it was asked and each person was listened to. At first, learning about each other’s strengths helped to understand why some communicated through drawings while other through typography or symbols. And suggestions were made here and there, with the aim of putting down every example, every point that was given down on the A3 paper (image on the top left).

After this, we waiting for the next brief to be given which was to create a magazine cover that uses both images and texts. As a group we communicated when and where we will meet, this allowed us to collect whatever supporting materials we would use. Some collected materials while others, had ideas on the layout as references and inspiration we can use. Again, our environment and working ethic was to go with the flow, and create things that fit to an event in 2017.

Overall, I found this extremely interesting in how individuals can use their strengths and also learn more about their weaknesses together. With couple of people focused on the software design while others generate ideas and some can help with research. As a collective, we were able to work due to the communication and acceptance that x person may be a better at illustration than I am, and that is okay. But the key point is seeing what I can bring to the team, and not shut myself out. If anything, I should be able to learn and engage equally as much as them in whatever work is given.

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