In this week’s lecture, I learnt about networking and the importance of it. I discovered how it is a two-way tool and that, having the mindset of receiving is wrong. Also that the focus should be on what one is doing and not what one is getting as passion and drive will naturally show. And at the end of the day, they want to employ a human and not a robot.

Listening and keeping contact are highly important when it comes to networking. It is important that one puts herself out there, not only in the physical but through Social media. I was surprised with the statistics that showed that 90% of those who were given a job had them as a personal or professional contact. Emphasising the importance of recruiting those they already know and trust. Which, is understandable when not only reputation but, money and valuable time is at stake. And also, understanding how competitive it is, and that standing out is critical when you are someone new with fewer advantages as those that are well known by the employer.

Susan Caine – TED TALKS


Later discovered the type of networkers there are and I saw myself more leaning towards the builder but, even with the model, there are ways in which I need to improve. Such as, maintaining contacts and actually trying to find out more about them, than just a common add on LinkedIn or social media. And it’s important for me to communicate, build relationship and research about the company and the individuals and seeing where I fit in. Or even if it’s from asking for advice on their work or the route they took. And learning from not only their mistakes but, how they handle their achievements.

Tips that I took with me were, to act the part and appear with confidence. This is because body language is an important part of how someone judges you. And sometimes it’s how we say things that matter than the words themselves. Allowing the employer to talk about themselves is also important and great with listening skills and building a connection. Remaining professional at all times and keeping in their good books is important, as no one knows where one’s name could be passed to and the impression it can leave in people’s mouths. And lastly, having a business card. A quick way to leave a reminder of ourselves and contacts after a conversation.

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