Skills workshop

At the end of the careers lecture, I felt enlightened and confident. I was able to understand how it is okay not to fully know where I would like to work. It is okay to be a bit lost. With the information that Debbie gave, I was able to feel less anxious about whether Graphic Design is truly for me, or if my passion lies elsewhere.

During the lecture itself, I was able to take note of useful tips that I can use such as reading trade press and publications. Being fully aware of what the trends are in Graphic Design, as well as, being aware of the movers and shakers and looking out for who is moving and adding more to the spectrum of the subject.

An example of Portfolio working was given, and in that, I was able to see a year of a designer. I found it overwhelming and felt that the balance would not work for me.  I need stability even if it’s part-time and the rest of my time in another form of work. Also, being a waitress during the holidays for 3 good years and working in a busy environment, I feel that I will miss it. Although I do stop and go back to it every 3-4 months, the reason why it would not work is because I just see the rewards as part of my savings. And being a person who loves routine, I would not want to continue such thing after graduation. Therefore, to me, balance is essential. Especially when I do love independent time and time to unwind so much.

We were then asked to tell each other our best qualities and our strengths. It was overwhelming hearing the feedback and I honestly did not think I was that good or had talents in such areas. I discovered that I was a great researcher, love to better myself and improve, focus and had such great drawings skills prior the course during my fine art days. Also, I am a quick learner, professional, a great planner and have great time management, confident in myself, love to explore ideas more and lastly, love to learn new skills as well as network with great people. I did not think the list was so much, and with that, I felt flattered and happy that someone could recognise such qualities within me. And with all those said, I felt more confident about myself and saw myself as a valuable member and one who can add to a group.

Lastly, another reason why I felt enlightened and confident was discovering all the skills that are used in our course and within modules. I did not think it was that much. But just grateful and intrigued to how many there are (shown in pictures above). And even with tasks that seemed a bit random and unnecessary, I was able to understand the essence of it and that, it what skills we learn from it that really matters. And it’s left for us to apply it within our work.

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