Something that we forget. We feel entitled, we feel like we deserve everything we have but, what makes us any better than the person in critical condition? What makes us special? Honestly, nothing.

Fate. Chance. Luck. Still nothing.

We have so many things to be grateful for. We may hate our job but at least we get to go to work. We may hate our uni course but at least we were good enough to have a place in it.

At least we… It could be much worse. So much worse, but we’re still here, right? Storms and trials tend to hide our beauties in life. And we get carried away in them. Wishing to be understood, than to understand. Hoping to be helped than to help others. Excited to receive than to give.

But if we just, look deep in ourselves and ask, do I deserve all this? What would be your answer?

G          R          A          T          I           T          U         D         E

Something unsaid yet, so invisible in our eyes.


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