Love language



Complex, multi-layered

The frequencies, all wired

Differently in each of us,

Way deeper than just words.


Misunderstanding, interpretations and everything in between

Love languages, affection. But what difference is it to me?

Expecting you to understand the difference between touch and time

Expecting you to understand the meanings beneath these rhymes

Spoken the same but it’s the unsaid that confuses me,

Spoken, exclaimed but somehow words, don’t exactly draw me

Allured I am to other ways you could pursue me

But nothing is simple because words don’t see what I see

Difference between a gift and time,

Difference between a cuddle and a ride

Through a mind that is hard to describe in just words, let alone through a rhyme.

I guess that’s what words are.

Complex, multi-layered

Hidden beneath scars, I guess, that’s how we are wired.

All works registered with Copyright House

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