25 lessons

Hi, my name is Chukwudi Isaac, I am a Nigerian and this website team member. I am an engineer, poet, lover of good music and nature and love sharing my thoughts through writing (will be doing that every Tuesday 😊😊)
Today, I’m 26 years old. It’s pretty funny how time flies. Sometimes, I wish I could just turn back the hands of time and relive some moments but at the same time, I am happy that I am a year older and I am eager to see the prospects and lessons the future has.
A quarter of a century in my life has passed and as I thought about my life, I was taken aback by what I’ve learnt. I’ve cried and laughed; had my ups and downs; joys and sorrows… Anyway, through it all, it’s been amazing… I, therefore, thought it wise to pen down some of the lessons I’ve learnt so far…
1. Life is all about God
2. There is a difference between faith and wishful thinking
3. Never lose yourself in your pursuit of someone or something
4. Dare to love and dare to live
5. The child is the father of the man
6. You can’t win an argument
7. Develop yourself always and you’ll live
8. Excuses limit people
9. Love! Love!! Love!!!
10. You need friends
11. Be loyal and committed to people
12. It’s okay to cry (Yes! Even for guys)
13. You are versatile
14. Life is fleeting; make the most out of it
15. Don’t be too proud to serve people, especially your family and friends
16. Leaders follow
17. Listen and listen more
18. Think! Think!! Think!!!
19. Interact with people
20. Don’t be open-minded; have your principles
21. Everyone wants it to be about him or she so be interested in people… Don’t be selfish
22. Everyday is an opportunity… Make the most of it
23. Family is always important; remember them
24. Don’t give up
25. Trust God at all times…


© Chukwudi Isaac

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