London Adventures


Last week, I had a great time exploring London with my classmates. Looking for what to inspire my project and what I felt drawn to. I came across this in Tate modern and I loved it. The use of colour and the message that was etched onto the frame was so powerful. Thanking all the famous black slaves for being the first to accomplish something. But I love how the piece of the African woman is made into a bigger frame, almost suggesting that this is where it all started. And bringing all back to the roots.


And of course! can’t explore London without going to Shoreditch. the graffiti and wall art was INSANE! And it really added diversity and pop to an old industrial place. The mix between new and old and how it’s ever-changing astounded me. Even as a Londoner who regularly visits the area, I still couldn’t help but be amazed by the new wall art I came across.  All unique, but all come together very well.

Even the pigeon had some great poses – Shoreditch, London

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