No rain, no flowers

Environment. Also known as a habitat, a place where things live, a place where things grow and develop. Something that is important for us but also for our emotions. Having the right atmosphere for our emotions to grow and mature is important.

For example; a place where one feels suppressed emotionally is seen as a toxic environment. Because it bares no good fruit. Only negativity and sadness. Unless we learn how to cope with such environments and use ourselves as comforts during the tough times.

We all have wilderness seasons. Seasons of darkness and those are usually the hardest times. Stress and pressure coming from all sides and confusion on what to do and how not to erupt like volcanoes. Easier said than done.

One thing I’ve learnt is that everything we need is already inside of us. We just need to find it and use it to our advantage. Everything we need to silence insecurities, storms and life earthquakes is within us all. And that’s very comforting to know. Whether we use religion, or just faith and willpower. It is all there. We just need to remember that, with a bit of effort we can turn ourselves into positive filters and take in all the good nutrients that will help us grow, while we reject all the negatives. Just like plans, we also need warmth, love and to be watered with positivity and love.

Morning affirmations are one of the ways we can control our day with our thoughts so that they may come things. By speaking into ourselves and reminding ourselves that we are beautiful, amazing, clever, so deserving of happiness and so on. We help to speak into our lives and day-by-day, we will become all those things. But like most thing, it takes time and consistency. But it can be done!

No rain, no flowers. Go and sprinkle yourself with love. It’s the least you deserve!


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