Many ask, ‘what is there to live for?’
But really, is there something worth living for?
We are on a quest here on earth
But inevitably, we’ll all end up in death;
So why seek vanity to satisfy our flesh?
For at the peril of the soul, pain is unleashed
And sometimes we grope in darkness to find a way
But only in Light can we see The Way
Which brings me back to my wonder
Is there something worth living for?
For I reckon if we take the lens off us,
Only then can we have a clear focus
Maybe we should hold only The Truth
For freedom lies in that route
It’s no bother that our lives should reflect our faiths
But I seek mine to show The Way, Life and Truth
There is a Life worth living for indeed
Then when we close our eyes and finally sleep
We will know that we lived lives
For What we believed in and others

© Chukwudi Isaac

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