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Some few days ago, I decided to go pay my elder sister a visit at a bakery school where she is learning how to bake. I had told myself that I was going to learn a thing or two; so I went determined, focused and motivated to finally learn how to bake… As I went in, I saw a number of equipment (which most of their names I have forgotten) and I noticed the camaraderie that brought forth the beauty of the Nigerian Fruit Cake and Coconut Cake as displayed in the picture above (trust me… they were amazingly tasty)
Inasmuch as my mission to learn how to bake didn’t work out quite well, but I learnt something… Patience…
While I waited, I was hungry and the cake had been timed in the oven, so in order to distract myself, I decided to watch Roman J. Israel (which by the way is an awesome movie). I noticed that while the cake was almost ready, it had to be checked a couple of times to ensure that it came out perfect and it indeed did come out perfect…
Whilst I thought of what to pen down today, I thought of the whole ingredients and precision to bring out the awesome taste and beauty of the cakes… The accurate measurements combined with such interesting orderliness got me thinking of how many of us just want to rush things or get a quick-fix way to handle something… But in the end, it may seem as though it is being delayed, but then just hold on a little longer and your life will be as sweet and satisfying as those cakes… Just a little more time… A little more beating (like how it was mixed), a little more sifting, a little more sprinkling, and a little more heat of life will bring out that awesomeness in us…
Anyways, apart from the moral of the story, like I’ve said before… THEY WERE TASTY…

© Chukwudi Isaac

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