Being a father

I stepped into ShopRite in Jabi Lake Mall, Abuja (the Federal Capital of Nigeria) with a t-shirt, jeans and sneakers. So it was expected that as a young guy, I will be looking for anything apart from what I was about to ask the Mall Attendant.
‘Please, where can I get babies diapers?’ he gave me a quizzical look and replied, ‘second to the last aisle, turn right’. I rolled the largest trolley towards that direction and when I reached there, I was lost as to which size was the one for a newborn baby. So I asked the Mall Security Guard that was standing closeby if he could help me call a female Mall Attendant to help me.
When she came, I inquired of her as to which of the sizes of diapers I’m supposed to buy for a newborn baby. She smiled and told me to get the MINI. So I quickly put 2 large Huggies Mini Diapers into my trolley while I asked her of where I could get Cusson’s Baby’s Care Kit and after a brief advice from her, I got 2 medium size kits. While my role as a perfect father was going on smoothly, ‘she’ called me requesting I send pictures of the products I was buying as well as tell her the prices. One could only wonder what was going on in the attendant’s mind. Who knows? Maybe she didn’t even care. But nonetheless, it was amazing. I thanked her and navigated my way as I bought everything I needed to buy.
As I stepped out of the Babies Section, a group of eyes wandered my direction and all I could do was behave as this I was oblivious to them. Actually, it’s weird for a young man to come buy strictly babies things only but guess there’s a first time for everything. Okay, to be honest, I enjoyed every moment of it. Lool.
After I paid, I found out that I needed to get a larger bag that’ll be able to accommodate all I had just bought. As I got it and stepped out of the Mall, up to where I boarded a taxi, I was given ‘the look’ and then it struck me that I had just been a father for a few moments.
Twas at the instant that I called my cousin who by the way gave birth to a pretty baby girl yesterday and told her my experience and we both shared a laugh.
The introduction of this story was saved for the last. My cousin told me to help her get some things from ShopRite for her soon-to-come baby since I was not in town hence I was given the opportunity to live as a father but for a few minutes and I enjoyed it.
A lot of things ran through my mind as I look forward to the day I’ll be a father.
This is my tale and an enjoyable one for me.
Thank you for taking out time to read this.

©Chukwudi Isaac

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