Not always accessible, especially from the direction we seek. Whether it be from others or family or even ourselves. The hardest one is usually from ourselves. Exposing all the ugliness, the part of us that is still sore. The hurts that have taken far too long to heal. And yet, we don’t love ourselves.

We don’t love our history, the things that make us. The things that were put so they could change and challenge us. But when those thoughts grow and depict who we are, that is when it gets dangerous.

Let’s look at the facts here… we’ve all messed up, do crazy things and hurt others in one way of the other. We all have memories that make us cringe and think “why did I even do that?” “why did I not avoid that person?” WHY? 

We don’t always need a WHY. 

You may see the mountaintop but not the road in front of you or vice versa. But, you have enough to keep moving 

And that is precisely what we need to do! We need to keep moving and focus on what we can see and ask ourselves which angle we’re looking at. Is there something that is distorting our vision? Is it hurt? Something someone said about you? Even in those, all we have to ask is who I am? Really, who am I? 

Listing all the qualities, what are you good at? What triggers you and why? Then you will begin to learn yourself and not be afraid of your ugly side. But accept it because, without that piece, it wouldn’t make who you are today.



One thought on “Acceptance

  1. Some really fantastic blog posts on this web site, thanks for contribution. “My salad days, When I was green in judgment.” by William Shakespeare.


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