Everyday, God gives us a reason
To come back to Him;
For we’re in need of a Saviour
Hence call on Him day and night,
Everyday we are given a chance
To put a smile on someone’s face;
For though many put on happy faces,
Deep within, they are filled with sadness.
Everyday we ought to make right
All that has gone wrong;
Forgive and forget; live and let live
Love and don’t hate; don’t do evil;
Everyday we suppose to learn to learn
Never feel you’re a master at something,
For there’s always something to learn
Sometimes from here, other times there;
Everyday we should let love rule
For if we look at this cold cold world,
There would be nothing to warm our hearts
Hence light the flame of love.
Everyday know your time here is short
So do everything you ought to do,
But make sure it’s done rightly
Also, don’t forget that none is perfect.
Everyday you have a choice –
To be happy or sad; to do right or wrong
To forgive or hold on; to give or withhold,
To live or die; to be wise or foolish.
Everyday, we draw closer to the day;
That we will be here no more
So in everything we do everyday,
What will be said about us when we go?

@Chukwudi Isaac

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