Happiness Part 2

Previously, I spoke about what happiness is and how it is essential to root it in things that are eternal and are consistent. And how there is beauty in weakness. I will elaborate on this and explore happiness in people and God.

People are great, some are, some are not. We are flawed, and as much as we have good intentions, we don’t always work that way. Some are more narcissistic than others, while others are very volatile. But at the end of the day, we are all Humans. Emotion led, we change daily let alone weekly. Nothing really stays the same. If we allow our happiness to be on others, we are only welcoming lots of frustration and unhappiness. No one should be your happiness. They can bring you joy and add to it. But they shouldn’t be at the centre of it. Because they will fail you, like everyone else but GOD never fails.

Look at it this way, we can not control others, and there are always lots of factors that come into things such as time, place and focus. Our focus alone changes depending on the task and we quickly forget birthdays, to call people back let alone to be at the centre of someone else’s happiness.

But, there is someone that never fails, and that is Jesus. He loves you more than you ever know and he sacrificed himself for you and for me. He is our counsellor, our protector and defender. He is faithful when we are faithless. And all he wants is for you to hold onto him and come to him. It isn’t easy to give someone else control and to let go of worries, but you can do this with him. He is able to do all things and even go beyond our expectations. And he is the everlasting king and a fantastic friend. Man may fail us but, God will never fail us.

You can explore this through Psalms 91 and Psalms 23

I will



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