To: Florence…

You made her smile

Softened her tender heart,

Each tale she told

Was that of you.

Now her heart burns

A teary mixture,

Of love and pain.

For she woke up

And alas she sought

To hear your voice,

But it was not to be heard

Throughout her lifetime.

For today was your last

She yearns for light;

A flicker of hope

For you lit the flame,

In her heart

And illuminated

Her world


Together, you both

Planned to write poems

Of love untold

And write music

Let life be the bard.

We all planned to come

To join you both

To rejoice and dance

Before God and man

But alas!

A part left,

Now we all weep

For we know not,

What caused it.

It’s hard to find words

To console you,

But we know

That God knows best.

I know it sounds cliché

But indeed it’s true.

He left his mark

On earth below,

He will be surely missed

But in a better place

He stands for sure

With God the Father…

Please take heart

My friend and sister…

You are loved

By God and us all…

From: Chuks

(C) Chukwudi Isaac


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