Making the right decision

New beginnings can scare us especially when we are unsure of our directions, and we are at a crossroad. Some choices are life-changing, and others are small diversions. Whichever one we choose we need to ask for Wisdom to deal with them and pick the right ones. There is a HALT acronym used for Hungry, Angry, Alone and Tired. We shouldn’t make decisions on these emotions as they won’t lead to the right outcomes. Instead, we should wait until we are in a better place to make a decision. Easier said than done, especially when we have things to get off our chest. But the point is, in all these emotions we tend to be a bit more irrational and may regret decisions we make during the moment.

So how do we make the right decisions?

1) Seek Wisdom

James 1:5 New International Version (NIV)

5 If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you.

Wisdom comes from God , if we lack it, we need to ask God to give us more so that we can handle situations better. But all this comes when we accept God as our God and accept that he is great and all powerful. And in this we are able to make the right decisions. We won’t be going by temperamental feelings that last couple of hours but instead, we will be trusting a God who is all knowing and all powerful. We can just about get a sense of the future but he knows where we will end up in the end.

2) Pray

The Bible informs us to pray without ceasing. And he also tells us to make our request known to him. We need to pray and communicate with God about what we need, especially when it comes to guidance. But the important part in prayer is listening. It is a two way conversation between you and him. God isn’t Father Christmas that just gives you all you need. God cares about you because you are his son/daughter. By listening to him in prayer you will be able to hear his voice and feel his presence. All this comes from allowing the Holy spirit to dwell in us and praying for this spirit of discernment.

Imagine hearing static while trying to listen to a pin drop in a quiet room. It’s difficult right? And that’s how it may sound in our heads. Our flesh will be saying one thing while, the devil will be saying the other and God is saying the rest. You need the filter and that comes through the Holy spirit.

It takes time but, when you made the word of God your daily bread and you start to open your heart to him, you’ll soon be able to hear him better and make the right decisions.

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