My worth?


Many times we scale our worth with things that are temperamental, such as emotions and feelings. They are not constant, and they move depending on a situation, person and so many different factors. And basing our worth on others doesn’t help either because, you are basing your value on someone who is equally flawed as you but either covers it up pretty well, or they are dealing with it head-on. There was a saying I heard last week that said :

Don’t let the word define your significance because the world focuses on the wrong stuff

And this includes your worth. The world defines things base on trends and wherever the media takes it. Its focus is to magnify the cracks and imperfections in our lives and make us feel insignificant until we try and change those things. And once you change it, the trend changes and you are back to square one. But if you base your worth on God and what he says about you, you are putting your worth in hand, and God that never changes and his standard is always the same. And if anything, he actually wants to help you improve and mould you into a better version of yourself. The world can’t give you that.

You see, God doesn’t look at your flaws and cracks and runs away. He does the opposite. He accepts you wholeheartedly and treats you like his son/daughter as long as you obey him and believe in his word. He is the only one who indeed accepts you as you are and knows the person you will be in 10,20 years time.

I will go into detail about what God says about you and who you are in his eyes.

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