Some connection aka people are unknown to us, they come into our lives almost by coincidence. We may sense that they could be significant but time is usually the best teacher. For we Christians, it is best to understand and observe the person. Are they the type to add to me or to subtract? What can I truly learn from them? Let us be honest, some people only appear when they want something or want to bring us down.

A right way is actually observing your conversation with the person and asking yourself, did the conversation edify me in any way? If the answer is no, then hold back from the person and give it time. Sometimes the irrational but best way is to stop talking/loose contact with them and see if they notice and look at why they come back to you.

Leeches go back to where they sense blood or somewhere they can feed on. Not all returns are right and that is why we need Godly wisdom when dealing with such. Don’t get me wrong some people don’t contact you very much, but when they do, they add blessings and joy to your life. Those people are special, very special. Please don’t lose them because it is hard to come across true friends.

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