Inasmuch as it seems as thus we got it all figured out and all, one of the major questions that seem to always pop us is the question of identity, WHO AM I? WHAT AM I HERE FOR? WHAT IS MY PURPOSE? WHAT IS LIFE ALL ABOUT? WHAT IS SUCCESS? as well as many other questions. If we are not able to get the answers to these questions, we get frustrated and disgruntled and may even give up on life. The human mind is hungry to get answers to life’s ‘most difficult’ questions and we seek to different things in order to get these answers. Some seek to philosophy, a friend, religion; just about anything that may seem like it has an answer.


We seek for all these answers without looking within. No one can help you find yourself except you. My definition of life and success and everything as pertains existence is different from another person’s own. The issue is that we most times we make people’s opinions become our reality and this ought not to be so. We are all unique and what we do and how we do what we do differ.

Inasmuch as people’s opinions matter, in the end we are saddled with the responsibility to make our final decision on answering life’s questions. I am a Christian and over time, I have been able to find my answers to life’s questions from the Bible and seeking God’s face over everything in my life and I have found satisfaction in walking in the path God told me about. Inasmuch as God told me what I wanted for my life, I had to make a decision whether to accept it or not.

The issue with just taking people’s opinions without weighing them is that even though it may work for us, because it was not duly considered, we may not be satisfied or fulfilled with that choice. In essence, talk to yourself more. KNOW THYSELF and only then can the questions of life be answered and by so doing, we can discover our core values and principles.


(C) Chukwudi Isaac

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