God’s love>Anxiety

Proverbs 12: 25 NIV states:

25 Anxiety weighs down the heart,
but a kind word cheers it up.

Anxiety- one of the common cages that have locked so many people up. It has brought a lot of fear around the lives of many. Anxiety is something that adds limitations where our options should be limitless because we have Christ. 

I also know the effects of anxiety and how it can cage someone for a long time. And the fear it can create around almost everything because of an unpleasant situation. And one thing that has helped me is understanding that, I may not have control over everything, but I serve a God who is all knowing and never changes. That alone is empowering! In him, I have the power to overcome every anxiety because he has conquered the world!

But it is also important to surround yourself with those who are Christ-like and speak out of love and kindness. Not those that bring you down out of spite. You are in control of what you accept and what you shouldn’t stand. Leave toxic people and cultivate the brotherly love and open your eyes to God’s love. It is all around!!


Discloser: this doesn’t downplay those who suffer from anxiety. It is just a way for you to remember that Jesus loves you dearly 

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