Been a while I wrote something but today it will be virtually impossible for me not just to write but honour one very amazing, special, gorgeous and loving person. She was the first person I saw when I came into this world (I guess… I think I need to ask her)… I am talking about (drumroll… fanfare… spotlight on… lights… camera… action…) MY MOTHER

Inasmuch as she shares her birthday with my beloved country, Nigeria (which may be the reason why I really love Naija… hmmm…), I want to specially honour her…

WhatsApp Image 2018-10-01 at 06.47.59

I remember a lot of things she taught me. As the only son, I guess there is a stereotypical way of thought that I should have been spoilt and all but she taught me that for me to be where I want to be, discipline, contentment, and staying true to my family and those that love me is paramount.

She taught me that no matter the bad that someone has done against me, I should focus on the good the person has done for me before.

She taught me that a good name is more important than riches (even though riches are important)

She taught me that sometimes silence is strength

She taught me that as a man, when my heart faints, I should not keep silent

She taught me that sacrifice is a proof of true love

She taught me to know how to treat a woman right

She taught me to be careful of creating a caste/class/social status

She taught me that education is important

She taught me never to stop learning…

On this day, I really thought about a lot of things and I know that I am not just happy but privileged, honour and grateful to God to be her son…


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