I remember when you were part of the Northern pride

When people were willing to pass by, just for a ride;

To get a feel of your gentle breeze on their skin

Or climb one of your great mountains.


Terminus Market brought us all together;

Men, women, children – moving in random order

Wildlife Park was a hub for the children back then;

From running through Pine Forest to seeing the lion,

While Old Zoo held the heritage of our beloved Nation.

Those little adventures still dwell in my imagination,

Listening to the wind howl during the harmattan

While we wrapped ourselves with beanies and cardigans.

I find solace in these nostalgic thoughts sometimes,

For you seemed to have changed at the clock’s chime.

Now you ‘seem’ to be a shadow of yourself;

Where every man seems to be for himself,

Indeed you have bled and bled

And your inhabitants have cried and cried.

Please where is the peace we once knew?

For once in a while, we seem to experience curfew.

The hearts of many are faint and sober;

Men go around with faces somber,

Women pray for their family to see the next day,

And it’s not safe for children to go out and play…

But I see the time has come for you,

Indeed, it is time for you to spew;

All the evil that has been done

To your daughters and sons.

When your glory shall be restored

Where we shall no longer hear reports

Of killings here and there;

Or of flesh laid bare.

Rather we shall glory in your beauty;

Your rocks looking up in royalty,

We shall inhale your cool air

And exhale a smile and a cheer.

No longer shall your songs be a requiem;

But your melody shall be loving,

Pleasant to both soul and heart

As well as to every ear

You shall once more live up to your name

As well as be told with glorious fame


That you are indeed a Land of Peace and Tourism…

(C) Chukwudi Isaac

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