Stand in Christ!

The older I get the more I realise how important it is to have God on our side. Sometimes, we might be the only Christians within our family the one who holds onto God and cries out when things are bad. It isn’t easy being strong but, God is there to support us. We might feel different and singled out/ strange but those who are in Christ are supposed to be different. We are not better than others. But, we should be the salt and light of this earth

After a day of feeling down, I realised that my comfort should be on the Lord and where I couldn’t find it signified that this isn’t where God is. I just want to use this to encourage you to stand firm in the Lord because your faith will be tested and those closest to you (especially family) will rebuke you and almost persecute you. But Stand for Christ! Build on yourself and surround yourself with his word.

Crying to God in prayer is so refreshing because he hears each and every word, spoken or unspoken. He cares about every one of us

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