Confidence in yourself and God

I will be teaching on Confidence in yourself and God.

This theme was selected after I did a short survey via my Instagram account on where people get their validation from. Majority of them said, they get their validation from themselves and knowing who they are while those same people said that they don’t love themselves.

This made me question a lot and wonder how this could be the case? And then I was thinking about what it means to LOVE. The bible states how God is love and things associated with him is of love. This is profound as it suggests that anything outside God is not love, and is just a different variation of love, some call this lust. Having a strong desire for something and this usually stems from selfishness.

How does this relate to confidence in yourself and God?

Once you begin to understand your values in Christ that is when you will understand what true confidence is – the unshakable version that doesn’t need you to depend on anyone but him!

To put it plainly, for you to have confidence in God’s will and purpose for your life.

I know the other speakers will go more in depth about this topic during the week so, I just want to build the foundation for their teaching.

The definition of the word confidence is:


Dictionary result for confidence


1.the feeling or belief that one can have faith in or rely on someone or something

The opposite of confidence is fear. Fear is a liar, it distorts our reality. I spoke upon this via a twitter thread. I will share it below.

Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths. Proverbs 3:5-6 KJV

Trusting anything other than ourselves is so scary. We tend to see others differently from ourselves, forgetting that, we are prone to mistakes. We use this same standard to judge God, forgetting that, God isn’t a man that he should. Personally, I’ve dealt with fear recently, and it was so uncalled for. So it threw me off guard. The fear grew as I begun to feed it. Nothing feeds fear more than looking beyond the present day. The future was feeding my fear.

I knew that God’s plan was perfect and everything will happen in due time but, the fear was a huge wall between me and God. And that made me upset because I felt far away from God and that scared me even more.

It was after listening to IN DUE TIME by @calledoutmusic that I just began to meditate on how perfect God’s will really is. This was reinforced by a book @Nihinlola___ gave me that stated “God’s will is the safest place on earth” and from there, I had utter peace .

If you’re looking for security, abide in Christ. If you’re looking for protection, be under God’s canopy and align yourself with his will. Trust is scary but, with God, it is so beautiful. We are not clever enough to do most of what we do, if you look closer, you’ll see God.

In that thread, I spoke about my own experience in dealing with fear and how God spoke to me through those around me. As much as I knew that the fear was a distraction and it wasn’t from God, I still clung onto it until I read how God’s will is the safest place on the earth. It made me realise that my fear was rooted in wanting to be safe and secure in something beyond myself and others. And when I realised that God was the answer, I had to submit.

Many of us are in that same boat. We know and hear about God’s goodness and how a great protector he is to his children but, do we actually submit to him?

Two nights ago, God spoke to me and told me that “You know about me, you’ve heard what others say about me yet, you don’t know me”. This made me sad because it is true, I was used to being a “child of God” when God wants me to become his friend and know him for who he is.

Many of us are facing something similar, God wants you to seek him for who he is and not what he does. We can’t keep taking and taking from him, we need to be his friend and walk with him.

In this, we find confidence in ourselves and God. No one knows our beginning and ends as he does. More of a reason why we need to cleave onto him and have faith in who he is.

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