Dear Love,

Everyday with you is Valentine’s Day; a dose of love, a scent of happiness, a measure of peace, a dash of romance, a spoon of hope, a handful of prayers, a sprinkle of sharing, and more ingredients that make everyday with you a day to look forward to.
Dear Love, I look forward to your smiles, your jokes and laughter, your thoughts and explanations, your camaraderie of love and affection. I look forward to all of these both now and forever. Everyday with you has been amazing.

Funny how all these started just normally; me forming hard guy hard guy for cold that night during vigil and you offered me one of your jackets (which makes me wonder why someone will carry 2 jackets… Hmm…) we got talking afterwards about music and watched What A Beautiful Name by Hillsong Worship on YouTube. I was drawn to you for a moment little did I know that that feeling was meant to last.

As time went by, in the arid North, under the starry skies when the moon shone her light upon us as we were under that tree, I summoned up courage and told you I LOVE YOU and you told me ‘I LOVE YOU TOO’. It was as thus butterflies fluttered in my stomach and I felt like Aladdin being swept away by the magical moment I was experiencing. I watched you go that night and I could not help but fall in love over and over and over again and up till now, I still fall in love over and over and over again and I look forward to falling in love over and over again with you.

Today is Valentine’s Day and I do wish a lot for you and for us my love, but I wish that in everything, may God continue to be the centre of our love and may you beaming rays of smile continue to shine; may your golden heart still glisten and may you continue to be the best as you’ve always been my Grace.

Your Love,


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