Learning to heal

Healing is a funny thing. It will make you uncomfortable and sometimes, it questions your own logic. We usually underestimate how fast or how deep the wound is until we deal with it.

This can be from a traumatic experience or from heartbreak. Physically, spiritually, emotionally and psychologically – there are so many levels to it.

The important thing is usually accepting that we need help. It is scary and requires a lot of courage and humility. Asking for help isn’t easy as you become vulnerable to anyone you meet. Learning to trust new people is not easy. One thing is for sure, healing requires time.

When you think you are 90% done, something creeps up and reminds you that you’ve only conquered 50%. This could be by a reminder of that person you’ve been avoiding or ex or an unpleasant memory.

What I want to share with you is how there’s strength in our weaknesses and the importance of seeking the right counsel and people.

From my own experience, I learnt a lot about the importance of healing through my mistakes and my successes. I’ll share some tips on what worked for me.

Being alone is good but, don’t be alone for too long

Being alone is good when you need time to clear your head and work out what exactly happened? At times our perspective on a situation is mainly based on our emotions and not the reality. we over sensationalise on an aspect that probably wasn’t true. Simplifying things down helps.

Start with the fact and break things down into small chunks – these will help with the healing process2.

Be careful with whom you share your weakness to

Not everyone will have your best interest at heart and some will even manipulate you. Please be careful. If there’s anything you need control over, it is your emotions. And it is okay to distance yourself from people until you are emotionally stable.

I would also like to add, some people are only there so they can gossip about your situation and not to actually help you. I would advise you to have God as your go-to person and share with him first. He will teach you how to discern people’s intentions and who to avoid. All this comes from soaking yourself in his word

Seek after God and pray harder

At this point, you might feel down and that’s okay. This is the time when you need God the most – and the best way to communicate with him is through prayer!

God understands your situation and wants you to depend upon him. Unlike man, he won’t fail you or condemn you. He accepts you as you are because he wants to help you heal.

This was something I learnt last year and it was a blessing. I was felt so loved and cared for by him and he brought people who reflected his love to my life. He also deterred those that were time wasters by showing me who they are very early in our friendship. Our own instinct isn’t enough and having spiritual guidance is important. God knows and sees what we don’t. Especially when one is broken – we tend to have a distorted view on reality.

I will share more on this during the week.

Thank you for reading,

Love, Diana

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