A Promised Wish (Part One)

A perpetual cry resounding throughout the Animal Kingdom. The sage spoke bitter words that started an uproar throughout the Kingdom, she had foretold of an insuperable bond that’ll be born, having the power to bring about a new age and lead the Kingdom into everlasting peace or bitter destruction.

These words continued to haunt us as the years rolled by, chaos and imbalance was only seen throughout the Animal Kingdom for many years.

Division filled the air, unity and peace were no longer existent, the dark age has come for our Kingdom. Many leaders have come and gone, the words of the sage caused a collapsing of hope that remained in strong hearts.

As for me, I am one of the blind overseers of this Jungle, we continue to search for the one who will fulfil the sage’s words,yet we are unaware of  where the sage had come from nor why she had a strong disregard for our kind, man has truly changed since the time of creation.

Despite all of this, the time of the promise had approached us, in the form of two cubs birthed at the same hour.

One was called Lavi, he was found to have a pure heart, carefree but cowardly and reliant on others, he does not possess power of his own but shows signs of a dreamer. On the other hand, Nozomi is a bold cub, one who’s fearless in the face of danger, a prideful little one with little to no compassion for others but carries the signs of a Champion.

However, their union would not last for long. The two were separated, Lavi to live on in the time while the other – Nozomi was removed and sent off to Thailand after the monks in the temple had found great rage within him.

Though physically split, a link between them was created. Lavi lived in Temple Yara among the monks, learning their ways of life, the monks taught him the ways of peace and selflessness, while he also observed others showcasing love and care to their fellow man.  This empowered Lavi’s natural ability of reason and become an advocate for those in need, through this training Lavi grew up to have a soft tender heart with no intentions of following his pride as lion.

While Nozomi befriended the wild, made nature a close companion, he gave in to his native instincts as a lion as opposed to Lavi. His pride grew day by day, many loved his ways and even followed him, though he used his followers to climb to the top of the Kingdom, exposing his lack of empathy for others.

The two of them lived lives opposite to one another, Lavi who walked the path of purity and courage ignorant of the real world, while the other lived pridefully neglecting the people around him whilst embracing the chaos found enveloped throughout the Kingdom.

Except a day came, when Lavi had to depart from the temple and saw the true nature of mankind. Many of the monks did not appreciate or desired having Lavi around, they feared him and thought nothing but to cast him away into a world he was not familiar with.

Lavi saw that he was never going to be accepted among the humans, and so, he continued to try to fit in. The humans had other plans, so while he was in deep sleep, the monks prepared a small bedding for him and after seeing that he would not survive in the wild on his own, so they decided among themselves to send him into the ocean, praying that he would one day find a new home fit for himself.

This concludes A Promised Wish part one.

Photo by veeterzy on Unsplash

© Roderick Lukenge

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