Life is meant to be better
And with its pleasures, sweeter;
So we toil so hard to end in gain,
But sometimes it leads us to pain.

Life is meant to be full of cheer –
But I looked at a man and saw a tear.
Whether it was for joy or pain, I know not
But I prayed and hope he finds comfort.

Life is meant to be real
Be it what we see, touch, or feel;
But sometimes we live in fantasies
Of others, or our made up realities.

Life is meant to be full of hope,
For it is on that strength a man can cope.
For when we lie to sleep each day
We hope the morrow will be a better day

Life is meant to be understood
From the days of man’s childhood;
Alas! Many, even up till death,
Will never know the meaning of life.

Define what your life should be;
That also includes me.
For if we live the lives meant for others
Our lives will be full of bothers.

© Chukwudi Isaac

One thought on “LIFE IS MEANT TO BE…

  1. Talk of a simple and engaging description of life. This is so true. Thank you, Chukwudi, it’s a lovely piece.


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