At night, I lay in bed
And think of all I’ve done;
From sunrise to sunset
From the break of dawn to its going down,
There I peruse and reminisce,
And ask myself questions such as –
Did I cheat my fellow man?
Or rejoice at the pain of another
Did I please my God?
Or make someone lose faith in Him,
Did I say a word
And peradventure, hurt another?
Did I look lustfully
And lie with another man’s wife in my heart?
Was my sight haughty?
And my gaze, full of pride –
Did I offer praises to God?
Or give glory to myself
Did I judge unjustly?
Was my justice partial?
Was my advice properly guided,
Or my counsel foolish?
These are but some of the thoughts
That visit me as Iay to sleep.
After I have pondered on them,
Just as I have answered myself,
I pray to God to help me
And ask Him for His Grace,
That I amend my sordid ways
And be a better person tomorrow;
That I’ll go another mile with my brother,
Even if he asks me to go one with him
And see every other lady as a sister and friend,
And have my eyes only for my lover;
That I consider my speech,
And think before I talk.
That I know it’s all about God,
And none about me.
That my decrees be just,
And my judgement right.
So if God permits and I see another day,
My soul will be merry and full of cheer,
That each day I am on a mission
To be a better person…

© Chukwudi Isaac

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