Chains of the Heart

Love is an untameable beast. The thrill and excitement it brings is but an illusion, the reality of it all is that you cannot understand love nor obtain the perfect lover you have fashioned in your mind, but that’s just the words of an old fart.

Pele Stone, aged thirty-five, living life as a baker in Walling Town. Let me tell ya, this place is known to be the streets of love, people over here go on and on saying that it’s a place where couples come to spend the rest of their lives happy in each other’s hands, pfft such noise I don’t believe, but many seem to sink such beliefs into their heads and somehow come out successful.

You may not believe it, but this old man was once in love. I was hooked onto this gorgeous lady, mind you I was in my twenties and a decent dancer, and I used to make the most heart melting spaghetti you could ever eat in your life.

The point is, I had talent and she was the one I was going for. This lady was not only beautiful but also possessed great skill in arts and crafts, she’d paint new pieces of art each week and post them up on her blog page thing or whatever it was, look I’m not a techie type of guy, but I can tell ya one thing her art did leave me speechless.

Soon enough, I gathered the confidence to confess my love to her, and on that day my heart jumped for joy endlessly, two beautiful years pass, and we are going strong, but that’s when things took a turn for the worst.

You see, I’m the kind of guy who was a ‘yes man’ I agreed to all her conditions of the relationship, granted all of her wishes and met every demand when given. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough, these ‘demands’ became greater but so did my love for her, and despite the many times I kept telling myself of the red flags I just kept walking on the same path.

One day, I just decided to not meet a demand and wham, she up and left me. Haven’t heard from her for a good ten years or so, and now I’m a baker in Walling Town, the same place I met her.

After such an experience, I’ve only been able to see love as a toy that kids nowadays play with, its here today and gone tomorrow, plainly put, it’s a waste of a man’s time.

Five more years have passed, now i’m forty years and still a single old man, collecting fish across the Walling River. While sailing, I’ve been contemplating on what love really is, watching others go in and out of their pairings, while others struggle under the chains of their demanding wives and self-exalting husbands.

Its embarrassing to watch, seeing them believe that they have finally met their dream partner, but they’ll soon see their own emotions drive them to a pit of despair, what a pity.

I’ll have you know that love is not just a beast, it’s a magnet that attracts those who are weak to its tricks, winking eyes, flowers at one’s door step, a smile that pierces the soul, the whole lot of it, made only to make one a slave to their emotions.

At the end of the day, you reach the conclusion that what you conjured up in your mind for your future ‘perfect’ relationship will never happen in reality, most likely the opposite will occur and you’ll be forced to endure a world of hurt.

Blind love is true and it’s real, don’t ever believe it’s not.

This concludes Chains of the Heart.

© Roderick Lukenge

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