Intelligence Is Beautiful

Your intelligence is beautiful,

And so are you.

I admire the way you walk,

However, the way you think is much more admirable.

I sometimes think you apply too much foundation,

However, your eloquence is awesome, and it`s on it that my attraction finds its roots.

Even though I think your concealers can be better applied,

I, however, consider your confidence mindblowing;

You have such a smart way of concealing your fears.

Your eyebrows can be scary,

And your shimmery eyeshadows can be funny,

However, your foresight is the reason I loved you at first sight. I am more certain that I don`t love you blindly: I see a future with you.

Not even your eyeliners can stop me from looking into your eyes.

Your lipstick is sometimes off,

But the words you speak are always apt.

Even though your powder is often overapplied,

I consider you bright, with or without it.

I am sapiosexual,

Hence my love for you.

Your intelligence arouses me so much,

That your looks aren`t enough to turn me off.

Your intelligence is beautiful,

And so are you.

© Akinsiwaju Sanya

Connect with me: @AkinsiwajuSanya

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