Cloud Girl

Life is more than what it seems. the little memories that come packaged with it are often not recognised. All my life, I’ve lived in the clouds, soaking up every moment that may come my way, not a single drop of despair can shatter the joy that rests in my heart.

My family has always been there for me, in my downfalls and the brighter moments, they have never let me down. Though many others I’ve known may take friends to be greater, family for me can never be replaced.

I live in a small village called Snow Drill, all my life I’ve always dreamed of travelling the world with my father by my side, though I’ve never had the money for that sort of endeavour.

Everyone in this village gathers every night to share what new visions we have for our future and each night, I’d come along with the same vision as I’ve always had, which was to travel the world on a cloud with the wind beating on my face, soaring alongside the birds that I may come across.

Regardless of my age, I hold onto the hope that I’ve built up for all these years, knowing that one day I will achieve this dream.

I’m the youngest and an only child, so I get the most attention from my parents, the love I get from them can be overwhelming at times, but I love every minute of it knowing one day I may not be the centre of attention.

My little brother will be born in just a few months, everyone who comes around seem to only want to be around him. My father used to spend a lot of time with me and still very much does, but his attention is divided, his eyes are set on my brother, leaving little room for anything else.

My mother at all times would tell me each morning to count my blessings, I used to be the dark cloud of the house always moping around and beating myself up over the smallest of mistakes that I made in my daily life.

Life is short is what I hear all the time, the clouds above don’t have to worry about losing time or having haters climb on your back for every choice you make, they live carefree and letting nothing get in their way.

That’s how I want to live, among the clouds is where I belong.

Despite not getting the amount of love I once had, now that my brother has arrived, I remain at peace, keeping my gaze at the clouds that fly by, stretching my hands towards them gripping nothing but the air that surrounds me.

I look on forever wanting to join them.

This concludes Cloud Girl.

Image by Ralf Kunze from Pixabay

© Roderick Lukenge

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