I am grateful for time

I’m grateful for time.

The wounds it heals and how it allows me to see the bigger picture one step at a time. Like an onion, skins of history gets unraveled to a pace that my easily overwhelmed self can handle.

It allows me to appreciate those that I have and also those that passed my way. Everyone has a reason to be in one’s life, sometimes their reason is clear once they are gone.

Some are there to be great examples, while others remind you of what you can not tolerate. But in all, everything goes back to time.

The time one uses in reflecting and developing oneself. To , the time one spends in God’s presence , just in awe of who he is.


A thousand years is like a day in his eyes.


Spend it with those you love, you never know what may happen tomorrow.

Because this Time is never on our side.

Love, Diana


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