A Hero’s Debut (Prologue)

The scared stones in the forest of Gao have lost their light. A new form of strength is needed in the times to come, before the pillars of this world crumble and the blood of the people covers our hands.

Hope shines on a new face, in the Land of Maar to rise up against the calamity that will come upon the Linx World, with her power she will bring forth an age that no one in this world has seen before.

A Warrior is Born

I am known as Janelle Winter; I’ve been trained in the arts of wizardry in the Land of Maar for over fifty years, yet still have a long way to go. My life is taken to be precious by those around me, but the reason for this has been hidden away from my sight.

While being in this land, I have learnt to survive and hunt for myself and for those that I care about. The Linx world is home to treacherous foul monster and winged beasts, that care not for human life, only a heart covered in armour can endure the horrors of this world.

But my heart was not prepared for the day that I had to say goodbye to my master, the one who took me in and cared for me for what seemed like eons. In his last moments while lying in my hands, he spoke his final words of wisdom to me.

“The silent one is fouler and cares for no one, but the one who is loud is careless in the time of adversity, stay on the right path young one”

With his words etched in my mind, I chose to leave the Land of Maar, in hopes to detach myself from my human emotions and become the warrior I was destined to be.

A few years later…

Prophecy of The Ember Dragon

I have grown old; my body has become weary, making my travels difficult to handle. Thankfully, my understanding of magic has provided a way for me to preserve my youth allowing me to travel wherever I please with no concern for my health.

While I was venturing through the Bison Valley, a great cry called out to me from the depths of the valley, with no hesitation I ventured forth towards the voice. Once I had arrived, I saw before me a baby lying in the white leaves, these leaves seemed to have been there for a while and had come from the trees surrounding the baby.

The baby had an elf like appearance with the tail of a dragon and widened eyes that can melt the heart. At first, I did not want to hold it as I wanted to not give into my emotions, but then it spoke to me again.

Telepathically the baby spoke to me of a prophecy, it told me briefly that the Linx World will meet its end at the night of the Nightfall Dance, once the Seven Bats of Midnight fly through the sky, awakening the Ember Dragon from its long slumber, bringing forth the end of days.

Once it had told me these things it fell into a deep sleep, but I remained with many questions in my heart, though it was clear that it will be for another day that they will be answered.

This concludes the prologue to A Hero’s Debut.

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

© Roderick Lukenge

Wattpad: @thespokenpanda

Twitter: @Truegiantpanda

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