Many paths lead to many destinations yet, not all are for us. Some are detours while others are like the never-ending horizons. 
I appreciate many of my redirections from things, people and places.Like a bird, my home is wherever I choose to lay and build upon and that’s something I’ve learnt in my life.

Some of the redirections are to help me to understand people and why people have to be different to me. Why scars and wounds are deeper for different people and not to assume a man’s journey because of the 10 similar examples you’ve heard.


Frustrating for someone who is impatient and wants to go straight to the result without the process but, it’s the in the process that adds value to the result.

If it was freely given then, it won’t be appreciated because we will miss its true value. So today, I appreciate the redirections, distractions and even the wilderness seasons for they’ve helped me to treasure people more and understand that this isn’t just my journey.

This is God’s stage through my journey, through my life.

Love, Diana


Twitter : @DianaKolawole1

3 thoughts on “Redirection

  1. So true! I am right there with you. Value it adds to where we need to go. I have had way too many distractions and I get frustrated because it throws me off my course. Sometimes forget to even get back on it.


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