A Hero’s Debut (Part One)

Dance of Fear

I recall the times when master used to tell tales concerning the Nightfall Dance, he often said that it was a time of fear and not a night to trifle with. I heard many great tales regarding this night and yet I have not yet witnessed such a time occurring myself, though I fear for it to ever appear in my lifetime.

Too many, such a night is a time of judgement for this world, and that such a time only occurs every thousand years. Hearing such a legend at an early stage of my life was frightful and meant that I grew up with this constant fear over my head.

Often times I would stare up in the night sky, patiently waiting for such a time to appear before my very eyes, though I was quickly met with disappointment at the same time I was slightly relieved.

While out in the field to gather supplies, I was quite the eavesdropper  back in my childhood days and would listen in on conversations that would be humorous and some were interesting, while others would be useful in terms of picking up new skills but there were more times when the term Calamity would be talked about among my colleagues.

From what I heard, a generation had to endure three years of calamity after their Nightfall Dance, the Linx World had suffered greatly once the three years were completed, causing all who participated in the event to be malnourished or to face death shortly after.

Hearing all these tales concerning the Nightfall Dance, I can say with confidence that such a time is one to not be part of nor a night you should wait for, but like my master used to say to me before bed, may the eye of the Dragon be on your side.

The Hero’s Heart

A few months went by as I travelled back to the Land of Maar. Along the way, I trained up a horse making the journey easier and somewhat relaxing. During the course of my travels, I would take frequent breaks to work on my skills in the art of magic.

Before reaching the temple, I’ve developed skills in the art of White Magic, for most wizards this type of magic is hard to achieve let alone advance in, it was clear to me that I have gained a great deal on this journey of discovering who I am.

The journey came to a close once I reached the gates to the temple I grew up in, as the gates opened I was immediately recognised and before I knew it I was surrounded by my colleagues.

We spent some time together and shared some memories with one another, but I was quickly interrupted by a messenger who knew about my master’s passing, he instructed me to go into the depths of the temple to receive the final gift my master wanted to give me before he died.

Once I went into the depths of the temple, I was greeted by the former teachers that once taught my master everything he knew about the world of magic. They informed me that the baby I carried to the temple is known as an Ember baby, that may have been born Aeons ago and the day it awakens will be the time that the Ember Dragon will abruptly awaken to search for the child.

The Linx World’s final day may arrive earlier before the Nightfall Dance, thus a warrior like myself is required to deliver the baby to Midnight for it to be in the hands of the Ember Dragon before the time of the Nightfall Dance.

One of the teachers gave me a gemstone that once belonged to my master, it held the power of nature allowing the host to destroy or create or even summon nature elements within an environment.

I was clothed with gear that far exceeded the gear that I owned, allowing me to advance faster in my magic arts while also mastering new arts along my travels.

I said my final goodbyes to my peers and went on my way to begin this long perilous journey to Midnight’s Cove, in hopes to save not only the Linx World but also become a warrior that my master would be proud of.

May the eye of the Dragon be on my side.

This concludes Part One of A Hero’s Debut.

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

© Roderick Lukenge

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