Casual prayer

A loved one shared this with me on WhatsApp and I wanted to write a post about it. I for one, I am guilty for not being intentional with my time with God and for praying whenever I feel like it.

Don‘t pray when you feel like it
Have an appointment with the Lord and keep it.
A man/woman is powerful on his/her knees.
May the Lord give us the grace to pray.

It’s a common habit for us to pray when we are in pain or when we are in need of something. But the sad thing is, we ignore the greatest need to us all, and that is God.

Doesn’t it make sense knowing more about the giver than the gift? We should try to be after God’s heart than his hand.

God’s heart is incredible. He defends his children and he is the refuge to those he calls his friend. All he asks of you is, your heart and attention.

I won’t lie, this is an area that I’m working on myself. I understand the importance of quality time with loved ones and how that tightens the bond between us but, finding time for God can be difficult.

What has been helping me is to realise that, I see God everywhere and the same way I look forward to a reply from a loved one , is the same way God wait for a reply from me.

So I should offer him the best. This can be the first 30 minutes of my day and the last 30 minutes of my night. And all that has to change is, how intentional I am with God and fitting my life around him. Instead of listening to a podcast, I could have a conversation with him from my heart and just be real with how my day went and listen to what he has to say.

Sometimes, sitting with God in silence is so beautiful because, you feel his love and his comfort around you. Learn, to rest in God.

Resting in God and allow him to take the wheel

But please remember that, resting in God doesn’t mean relax with your prayers. It means letting go of control and trusting God to do what he does best.

With every relationship/friendship communication is important, and prayer is a way one communicates to God. It’s intimate and it allows our focus to be on God. Back this up with his word and faith , and you are reaffirming your relationship with God.

Communication is key

You are echoing his words back to him and telling him that, you stand on his promises and you have faith in his timing and will. In a simple way, you are stand on the shoulder of the best Giant ever and that is God.

And may I add that, prayer is personal. It should be a conversation between a dear friend and you. It shouldn’t be scripted. It should be from the heart.

So I pray that, as we go into the month of August, we become closer to God and see him as the best friend, the brother, the father that we’ve all been looking for. And as we yearn for him and his word, we become his friend and walk side by side with him. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

Love Diana,


Twitter : @DianaKolawole1

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