Welcome to Astonishing August

Many of us are on a journey to or fro somewhere. We measure these by season, time and even our families. We get trapped into this comparison mindset instead of focusing on what is in front of us.

There’s this wise saying I know that says, if you look behind you have regrets, if you look into the future, you have anxiety but, if you focus on the present you have hope (I’m obviously paraphrasing here)

The point is, our focus should be on the Now. Yes, We are seeing the 8th month of the year and we have 4 more to go. But, my question to you is:

What can you sow into the now , that will benefit you in the future?

As you think about that , I would like to welcome you to Astonishing August!

We will be having Lumericks from @chuksvisaac and Stories from @secretpanda64 and more captivating stories from @akinsdiary and some posts from me.

We want to take this time to appreciate our readers , you’ve been amazing. God bless you all!!

Lots of love,



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