Rust Away (Part Two)

Part One:


Searching… That’s all we do in life, we keep searching for something, with no guarantee if that something will give us the contentment that we also desire. The world is an unfair place, not everyone gets a fair shot at what they want to be or who they want to become, people or robots like myself never get to experience the joys of life simply because the system doesn’t give us the chance to.

Regardless, I will keep searching for my own happiness, which in turn will bring the joy I longed for.

Vanishing Strength

I’ve been cast out from the crowd, shamed and forced to stay in a corner that I made for myself away from the public. My thoughts toward mankind have become skewed, I’m often tempted to fight back and show them my strength, but I quickly resort to running away from the scene, just to preserve my dignity.

My strength is weakening, my will to keep going in a world like this is quickly vanishing. Many around me expect so much from me simply because I am a machine, do this and do that with no breaks in between, they want me to keep going, slurring their insulting words to ‘motivate me’ but their true intent is for me to break down.

Why does mankind hate robots so much? Did we offend them in the past? Will I ever be accepted? Questions I often thought to myself, as I wrote them down in a diary inside the comfort of master Baron’s home.

It’s clear to me that my race was not so kind in the past, and I am the one who must feel the wrath that was intended for them to go through but was we really that cruel to mankind?

I must search and find the truth.


Unexpected Discovery

I went to the library the day I made up my mind to search for the truth, I read and read but nothing made sense… My original creator was the author of this whole charade, but he was also human, shouldn’t there be some level of respect for his creation? Or is there more to him that I have yet to discover?

Destruction… is all I’ve read in the books that speak of my race, yet when I look at myself, I do not seem to pose any danger toward mankind or have any intentions to cause harm to them.


If these books are correct, then it would mean that my original master had the intent to bring about chaos to his own race, it may have been possible that he experienced a harsh childhood or a troubling past that he could not fix in any way or responsibilities that he could not bear.

Nevertheless, he has forced me to live out a life that was meant for him but died before getting his full punishment for the pain he caused in the time he had on Earth, not a single one of his crimes against humanity can be forgiven, his soul will quickly be forgotten and lost in time.

It is plain to see that my core program was modified, ridding me of my original purpose. I now carry a deep hatred for my own kind, they too must’ve had a choice in the matter, couldn’t they have shown love instead of causing harm to a people they never even spoke to or cared to understand.

Am I tied to the same fate?

Word of Hope

If history is in any way an indication of where I will end up, then is there a point to go on? If the rest of my kind is already destroyed due to their selfishness and thirst for destruction and my original master is dead, won’t I also share the same fate as they did?

A heavyweight of what seemed like conviction held itself around my neck, as I sat here at home in the corner of the room. In my right hand I held the button that would end my existence for good.

I would’ve thought this would be easy to push, but I had a great fear of what may become of me after death, but just when I mustered the strength to touch the button master Baron entered the room and gripped my hand tightly preventing me from hitting the button.


In my darkest hour master, Baron was there to comfort me and pull me to the right path, he reassured me of the bond that we share together and that I can be the starting point for changing the fate of machines everywhere.

Risen Spirit

No one’s future is set in stone for them, fate is not something that is determined by one’s history instead it is up to the individual to make the changes they desire and finish well.

If that is how master Baron lives, then I shall adopt the same mindset and carry a new torch for not only myself but for my race as well and be the change for the world to see that machines everywhere can be just the same as humans.

This concludes part two of Rust Away.

© Roderick Lukenge


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