Correct with love

Immaturity can be seen in many ways,
impatience, inconsistency and the inability to reflect.

Correcting others outside of love doesn’t help you neither does it help them,
instead you are giving yourself more stress and playing the role of God and Time when, really you should leave them be. They know their own shortcomings, they know they are imperfect but guess what? so are you

Correcting others doesn’t make you better than they are neither does it make you the best example ever.

Personally, this has taken me years to realise, I would hide behind correction since it’s what I grew up with, without realising that others can’t handle the same dose of bluntness like me.

I use to think that sugarcoating things did a lot of disservice to them and to me but, it just shows that you care about their feelings and wellbeing enough to let love win.
It isn’t easy to adjust but, if you love love, then you won’t find it difficult.

There’s a thin line between correcting and chastisement and correcting with love. Use Jesus’ example, as holy and blameless as he is, he drew men onto him through love and didn’t emphasis how he was better than them. Instead, his focus was on their needs while representing God, his father.

Age doesn’t mean one is mature neither does class. We all have areas that we need to work on. If we can pause and think more about what we say,do and think, I believe we’ll be able to honour God more

From an imperfect soul to another, Jesus loves you

Love Diana,
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