Long Way Home (Part One)

A Chance to Live

Deep Thoughts

Being born in a world focused on self-indulgence and lust for power it’s no wonder many find it hard to go on, day after day many try to bring healing and restoration to this world but each time they’re rejected and are cast out from the public eye.

We need another chance to live the life we truly want.

Hardships may come and go, but each time we wake up from a long night of slumber that should be the time we take note of the blessings that are given to us from above.

The world is lost without this light, but I believe one day the world will open its eyes to this light and see the truth. My name is Faith Summerland, and this is my one and only dream for this world that I live in.

A New Kind of Love

While I was still a toddler I begged and pleaded to my mother for a pet, I wanted a dog but to my surprise I was given a baby polar bear, I soon named him Jamu I’m not too sure as to why I gave him that name but it was the first name that popped into my head at the time.

Since then, Jamu and I were inseparable, we grew up together, we ate together and slept side by side, we did nothing without each other. The days when I had to go to school were torturous to me as I had to leave him behind for several hours each day but coming back to him was always the highlight to my day.

Once I reached the age of twenty it dawned on me that Jamu and I would have to live on our own, at first that was quite the challenge as you can imagine, with all the bills and whatnot, I now appreciate the free lifestyle I had when I was a kid.

Ignorance is truly bliss.

Wandering in Wonderland

Speaking of childhood, during that time I was gifted with a strange power, one that can bring life or produce pathways into places I’ve never been to simply by writing in this diary I found deep inside a world that I had no clue even existed.

I am quite conflicted as to whether this so-called gift is a blessing or curse but ever since I entered this winter wonderland I’ve never considered heading back home, though I feel like this power has given me over to a darker side of me that I never knew I had.

A lust for power I never thought I’d desire.

For days I’ve been wandering through this new-found world, I don’t even recall how I got here, and I don’t see a way out of this blissful world. The thought of escaping grows the longer I’m here but being here does fill me with a peace that I never had back home.

Trust is For Idiots

At every turn in my life, I’d always experience some level of disappointment by those who were close to me, I couldn’t trust them with even the smallest of things. It was proven to me time and time again that I was a fool for putting my trust in others, but then again that’s what I get for having high expectations.

Trust is truly a fool’s game.

Living a New Life

Cutting back to present day, I see myself spending more than a few minutes in this strange world, I can’t let the people in this world spot me or find out about this unique power of mine or else I’m done for.

But for now, I’ll put my trust in the One above as I go through this moment of turmoil and distress, believing only He can bring about joy in this time of disaster.

This concludes part one of Long Way Home.

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