Introspection: A Tale of 73 Questions

In a faraway land called Thoughfulness, a young man took a quick turn to an expressway called Introspection. There he sat for a while, and had a dialogue with himself…

Is this only a phase?

Or is this the tomorrow I looked forward to yesterday?

Will this last long?

Can I endure it?

Will I live to tell this story?

Or will I leave for others to tell it?

Should I bear it all?

Or should I end it all?

Will I be happier if I end it all?

But why cause the world that much pain?

But won’t they be fine after all?

But what if this is preparation for a greater tomorrow?

What if it’s not?

Should I wait a bit longer?

But haven’t I waited enough?

Are there people who understand how I feel?

When will I meet with them?

Will I be vulnerable when I do?

How do I identify them?

Will help come soon?

Why is God quiet?

Is he really quiet?

Or I don’t just hear him?

Or could he be working quietly?

Or perhaps not working at all?

Am I asking too many questions?

Who has the answers?

Will these questions end up rhetorical?

Or do I have the answers?

If I did, would I be asking?

Or is some soul-searching required for the answers?

Should I stop the questioning?

Will being quiet make me feel better?

Will these questions be of any benefit in my diary?

Should I publish it for the world to see?

Will they judge me after reading it?

Or will these questions make them thoughtful?

Will they attempt to answer?

Or will they see it as just another creative piece?

Will they know my state of mind as I write this?

Am I exposing myself already?

Should I delete some questions?

Or just leave them as the only answers in this piece?

So questions can really be answers?

Could all these questions have revealed the state of my mind?

Am I being vulnerable right now?

Do my readers know more about me?

Do they know what I may be hiding ?

What if they have similar questions?

Or do all these sound strange to them?

Do they feel I’m only being weak and petty?

Have they got bored and stopped reading?

Is there a reason my questions are unending?

Will this introspection bring healing?

Should I ask more questions?

Should I follow the thought that just popped up?

Should I delete this entire piece?

Do I feel this introspection ending?

Why do I feel so relieved?

Do I really feel relieved?

Or is it just some autosuggestion?

Wait! Am I sure this isn’t a form of insanity?

Can I try to stop now?

What questions will my readers have after reading this?

Will they attempt to answer some of my questions?

Should I just wait to see?

Has my wait begun?

Will this wait ever end?

Am I confused on how to end this piece?

Or am I just enjoying the flow?

By the way, did I tell you that…?

You really want to read more?

Is it okay to say goodbye now?

…and that young man, feeling fulfilled, returned to our own world, after taking 73 giant steps on Introspection Expressway.