Broken Soul (Part One)

[This short story is a sequel to The Door to World 7]

Chapter One: World’s Apart 

Trapped behind the door, what started out as a harmless adventure quickly grew to be a nightmare that could never be forgotten, I couldn’t shake this feeling of guilt from my conscience knowing well that my brother who I cared for so dearly is trapped in that world alone.

I wept greatly for several minutes, alerting the officers patrolling nearby of my location, of course, they tried their best to console me but despite their many efforts I could stop crying and blurting out what I had seen that world, which only served to confuse them.

Many months had passed by and though everyone around me continued to live out their lives like normal I carried a pale emotionless expression everywhere I went, I was traumatised and eventually I had to undergo therapy but no matter what I said no one believed my story.

In case you forgot, my name is Silvia Levine and the one I keep referring to as my brother his name is Dante and for many years now, we’ve always called Gape City our home despite the many changes it has undergone while I was away.

I may not have the power to revert Gape City to the way it was before I entered through The Door, but I do however have the strength to find at least some clue on how to get back to that strange world and save my brother.

I just hope it’s not too late to do so.

Fading Memories  

~ Meanwhile in World 7 ~

It’s gotten quite cold in here, all the beauty that flourished in this world has faded away, it’s so dark I can’t even see the path ahead. It happened so quickly, I reacted so spontaneously it’s like my body acted on its own, one moment I was standing next to my sister and next I’m waving goodbye as the darkness engulfs me trapping me inside this cursed world.

In desperation I fought my way out of darkness’ grasp, disregarding the strength these creatures possessed, eventually they were called elsewhere leaving me in complete ruin and battered on every side.

I walked for what seemed like hours but not a single sign of civilisation, I only had one goal in mind and that was to find my way back to my sister, to my family, to my old way of life.

The longer I’m in this world the more it feels like the memories I once shared with so many fades away like grains of sand.

Why did it have to end this way?

This world is not my home, yet my body is adjusting to it as though it is where I belong. It can’t end this way for me, I must find my way back to the world I came from.

During this year within this unknown world, Dante is finding himself to lose bits of his memory connecting to his real home, causing him to lose his sanity even further and faster than before.

Dante continues to fight through the depths of World 7 to find another way out, to no avail, leaving him to lose his hope.

Lost Identity 

Have I been forgotten? It’s been more than 2 years since the last time The Door closed, my senses have reached a whole new level over the past couple of months and yet I don’t feel any physical changes have been made to my body.

The coldness I once felt so strongly has become normal to me, not only has this world changed my mental state it has swallowed me and now I am a part of it.

~ Meanwhile in Gape City ~

Tossing and turning, over and over again I can’t sit down nor rest at this moment, these past months of therapy have only amplified my desire to search for a new way into that world, the only question is where to search first.

I dug deep into my pile of rubbish that was scattered all over my room in hopes to find the Book to World 7, hoping that it will give me a clue to where another entrance is finally freeing me from this dreadful guilt and constant feeling of remorse.

I read through the book just like the first time I did, but this time towards the end of the book it referred to another book titled The Archway – The Second Gate, my eyes glimmered with excitement, I rushed over to my father and asked him none stop if he knew where this book was but he dismissed me every time.

Luckily for me grandfather was there at the time, he seemed intrigued at my request and knew a few things about the world I was mentioning as though he had been there before himself.

Grandfather told me that the book had been buried away at an abandoned house long ago, said to have caused many disappearances back in his time, regardless I pleaded with him to take me to the abandoned house in order to save Dante, slowly but surely, he accepted.

Standing at The Door 

After a few days of travel, we made it to the abandoned house, upon first appearance it seemed well kept as if it had just been built yesterday, even my grandfather found this to be strange.

Once we got there, Immediately I began digging all over the place searching for where the book had been buried, of course my grandfather began to panic slightly as he was afraid that someone would call the authorities for trespassing and vandalism, but I persisted anyway.

At long last I finally found the book, it was buried along with a key, upon reading it I found that the archway was located far out at sea north west of Tail Beat Island.

But after explaining this information to my grandfather he too started to think I was crazy to go to this length despite it being for my brother’s sake, disregarding his remark I ventured off on my own hoping I’d find a way across the sea and see this journey to the end.

Thankfully a kind sailor by the name Walter River took me on his ship to find this gate, but before departing my grandfather caught up with me and decided to take me on with this quest of mine to save Dante.

We set sail at last towards The Gate to World 7.

Don’t Forget Me 

After 10 days at sea and little food left on the boat, we finally made it to our destination, the wind around this area picked up rather quickly almost sweeping us off our feet, as I drew closer to the gate, I used the key found in the book to activate it, ultimately beginning the second part to my quest.

I breathed slowly bracing myself before heading through the gate, my grandfather wanted to go along with me, but I refused knowing how dangerous that world truly is.

All I hoped at that moment was that Dante has not forgotten about me, one must never forget the ones who truly love and want to be there for you nothing in life is more valuable than they are.

Be safe big brother I’m coming to save you.

This concludes Broken Souls part one.

© Roderick Lukenge


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