Hi Oge,

Today is your day. I am very excited for you. I was thinking about everything today. How you have been a model big sister to me; one that I look up to; one that understands me and know how to talk to me; one that wants the best for me. Truth be told, I would not have been like this to a large extent, if not for your inspiration and advice.

I remember how you held my hand when I was little as we crossed the road on our way to school; how you talked to me about being patient while waiting for things; how I am made for more and how I should learn to love and care for friends, family and even those I just come by.

I remember how you and I will play Zippy Race, Super Contra on Sega (I still won’t forget how you sometimes made em kill me 😦 …), Duck Hunt, Sunset Riders, Mario & Luigi and other games from morning till night. I still remember that you don’t like board games… Phew… Abeg try and like em before Christmas..

I remember how you do pray for me; how you’ll sometimes call me till now and ask me about my Christian faith and how I’m holding on and encourage me to keep holding on even when all is down. I remember how you call me and we will laugh and tease each other.

Now I look back and I am glad how you haven’t backed down or given up and how you have grown and developed yourself to a level I am very happy and proud of.

You are a strong, amazing, God-fearing, and loving person and the kinda elder sister anyone on earth will be blessed to have.

I love you so much. Have a great day.

Your Younger Bro,

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